Icons and illustrations

CROC’s icons and illustrations are visual symbols that represent concepts and storylines which help users navigate through experiences and ideas intuitively and effortlessly. They can communicate messages quickly, inspire interactivity, and simplify complex ideas.

Use icons to improve usability or to signify accessibility. Illustrations make a bold visual statement and you can use them to create impact when the main goal is visual storytelling.

It is important to reduce cognitive load on users by employing visuals moderately and strategically throughout your designs. Use common metaphors that everyone around the world can quickly recognize.


CROC icons have a linear and minimalist design. Icon style features are fine, with a constant contour thickness and the avoidance of filled-in blocks.

Smooth arches and corners are visual qualities shared with pattern design and logotype.

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The illustration style of CROC is used to provide supporting visuals to services, solutions and other abstract matters. It follows the principles of simplicity and takes inspiration from the openness and dynamism of the brand. Illustrations are a visually and emotionally powerful tool. Сarefully identify the right situations for them. Avoid using an illustration only as a decorative element, it may lose its storytelling power.

Text can complement illustrations but must not be used as an element of the graphic. Illustrations can be used in a variety of image sizes. CROC illustrations are created for certain contexts and purposes and should not be combined with other graphics. Please check with our Creative lab team to get direction on proper usage.

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